Hi, i’m KaYla,

Owner of FoxTails Photography

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After being raised on the Great Plains of Oklahoma I now call the gorgeous Big Horn mountains home with my daughter, our two dogs, a cat (or whatever creature she is) and some chickens. Wyoming has been a dream for us and has enriched our love of hiking, hunting, and adventure.

Although I am still learning to fly fish (who has so much patience?), I prefer to throw a good ol’ rooster tail at bass and crappie when I can. In addition to those passions, I travel as much as possible. I LOVE to garden, bake, and live as sustainable as I can while home. Between hunting, canning, and growing fresh product, I have come to cherish some of the qualities of a simple, old-fashioned style of living.

As for photography, I start shooting professional photography 8 years ago. My interest sparked as a child while watching my father shoot with his Canon. As my love grew, I began taking classes over the years, shadowing photographers, and researching while communicating with many photography professionals across the world.

I have had the privilege of working with many mentors that encouraged my interest and supported my art style so that my skills could flourish into their own.

There are many mediums of art that I admire and participate in. Photography is my favorite though and where I excel. Capturing each individual’s personality, emotions, and lifestyle makes it so much more than just yourself and your own view. Becoming acquainted with each client and their personalities is a large portion of the photography also. Due to this, the friendships and relationships I build with clients are my second favorite portion of what I do.

Each photographer has a different style, a distinctive eye for a frame, and a unique edit. I appreciate many of my colleagues and respect the differences between my style and my competitors. It is up to each client to choose the photographer they can not only relate to the best, but whose art form they can understand and find the beauty in.

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My Favorite Projects

“I believe the world in incomprehensibly beautiful - an endless prospect of magic and wonder.” - Ansel Adams

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